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Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Units

At first glance, a reverse osmosis water purification unit looks like a good way to get pure drinking water.

But if you're like me, you are prepared to do some research to find a small, effective, moderately priced water purification unit for your home. Check out what the experts are saying about a reverse osmosis and you'll quickly find there are better technologies out there than even a top-rated reverse osmosis water purification unit.

In the next two minutes I will show you what the major problems are with reverse osmosis and where you could look for better and cheaper alternatives.

First, a reverse osmosis water purification unit cannot block chlorine or lead. These two are very common in municipal water supplies.


Chlorine is in tap water because federal regulations permit local water officials to pour this chemical into your water after their treatment technologies have taken out dirt and (they hope) most chemical and organic contaminants, because those officers know that harmful compounds get through and that chlorine kills a lot of them.


Lead is in tap water because older city water mains and pipes used lead for pipes and soldering joints, and traces of this dissolves into the water.

Even small traces of chlorine and lead are harmful. Remember how bad chlorine sometimes smelled in the municipal swimming pools you swam in as a child, and how your skin felt dry and coarse afterwards? Would you want that in every glass of water you drink in your home?

Too much lead will cause high blood pressure, reduce your blood's ability to carry oxygen, can amplify some breathing problems if inhaled in fumes, is linked to osteoporosis in elderly people because it hinders their body's natural facility to absorb calcium, and brings on behavioral problems in young children.

As well as not stopping chlorine and lead, a reverse osmosis water purification unit is wasteful.


Purification Capability

For every one gallon of water it treats the unit produces five gallons of dirty water than can't be used. Not good for the environment.

The membranes in a standard reserve osmosis water purification unit are delicate. They rip easily, and this another reason you need to think very carefully before buying one. Unless these filters are made to exceptionally high standards, they often have defects.

Also, a reverse osmosis water purification unit needs electricity to push water through the filter membranes. So they are not free to run, like many other types of water purifiers.


Problem with Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers

The biggest problem with any reserve osmosis water purification unit is the fact that they remove all minerals from the water.

Bad, bad, bad.

In fact, it could be dangerous for you health, because your body must have those essential trace minerals that are dissolved in water deep down in the earth and slowly find their way into the aquifers and reservoirs where cities (and rural towns) draw public tap water from.

As you drink this water, laced with minute quantities of healthy minerals like calcium, magnesium and so on, your body's supplies are replenished and you stay healthy. Stop getting those minerals and your health is suddenly in danger.

A reverse osmosis water purification unit blocks those minerals. It delivers sterile, empty water.

So do some homework. Look around the Internet for alternative water purification systems designed for homes that take out contaminants before you drink them, but leave in the minerals your body must have.

If you'd like a place to begin that homework, you're welcome to go to my web site. It's got lots of useful information about household filters that safer than a reverse osmosis water purification unit.


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