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A Review On Admiral Car Insurance

By: James M Taylor

Admiral, founded in 1993, is a company that specializes in providing low cost car insurance to people living in cities, younger drivers, and those who own high performance cars, as well as a combination of all these. For such drivers, Admiral also offers an online quote that allows you to save about 10% on car insurance.

Admiral Products

MultiCar Insurance This product offers a new method of getting cheaper car insurance, by insuring two or more private cars which lets you qualify for discounted car insurance. The main features of the MultiCar Insurance includes:

  • Up to 23% discount
  • You don't have to wait for your second car to be covered before you get a discount
  • Each policyholder earns and keeps their own No Claims Bonus
  • Helps unite renewal dates on your cars, which may allow you to earn your No Claims Bonus
  • Monthly installments available

Multicar Insurance

Information you need before you apply for the MultiCar Insurance:

  • Details of the other cars in you family, including make and model, registration number
  • Details of the drivers that use the other cars, with information regarding claims and convictions
  • Renewal months' for the cars in your house

Breakdown Cover Insurance

This package is exclusive to policy holders, and includes:

  • Caravan or trailer cover
  • Alternative transport
  • Emergency overnight accommodation
  • Roadside assistance and recovery
  • Lost or damaged key cover
  • Message assistance
  • Home assistance

After you ve applied for the Breakdown Cover to your policy, you ll receive the details along with a card that bears Admiral s freephone breakdown assistance number. All you need to do when you receive the card is to your policy number and registration number on the back of the card, to be used when you call for assistance. You also have to note down the scheme code printed on the card, as well as the make, model and type of your car.

Van Insurance Admiral has also teamed up with Gladiator to provide insurance for a commercial vehicle. The website links to an online quote engine for Goods vehicles, and in order to get an online quote, you need to enter:

  • Your personal details and any other drivers, along with driving date of birth, licence and job details
  • Details of any claims made in the last five years by all drivers
  • Details of any motoring convictions against all drivers
  • Details of the vehicle to be insured make and model, manufacture year, security devices etc.

Once you clicked the Submit button, you be guided to a unique web reference, through which you can recollect details you have entered.

Besides car insurance, admiral also offers other products such as Travel insurance, Motorbike insurance, and Pet insurance.

Get an online auto insurance quote in 15 minutes. Free information on admiral car insurance.


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