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Obtaining a Free Car Insurance Quote with Progressive

By: Marvin Toller

Insurance is one of those things that we all need to protect us from the unforeseen. When it comes to obtaining coverage for our vehicles many of tend to find one insurer and stick with them. However, smart consumers know that by being a comparison shopper when it comes to obtaining coverage can significantly reduce their monthly premiums. Many insurers have made being a smart consumer easy by offering the ability to get a free car insurance quote directly through your computer.

One of the largest insurance companies out there that focuses most of its marketing efforts and sales online is Progress Auto Insurance. They are unique in that they not only will give you their rates, but also provide rates from competing companies. Many times they are the lowest, but on occasion other companies can beat their rates and they actually encourage you to use the other guy if they can't match or beat the competition! Talk about customer service!

Of course, there are hundreds of insurers you could use. Since you probably don't want to spend days or weeks online or on the phone getting quotes it is best to narrow your selection down to about 10 companies and go from there. Remember, the reputation of the company is as important as the rate you receive - you want an insurance company that will be there for you, not just one that collects the premiums and then disappears into the night when you need to file a claim.

Once you find an insurer with a good rate you might want to do a little background research on them online by seeing what others are saying. How is their customer service? What about claims handling? Do they offer low rates at first and then raise them significantly when it comes time for renewal?

Being a smart consumer means you will be able to find the best deal to meet your insurance needs while making sure you have a reputable company to stand behind you if you are ever involved in an accident.

Marvin Toller is a writer and internet publisher who likes to provide Car Insurance Information in general. Check out his car insurance news and in depth information website 11-car-insurance.com

Do You Feel Any Doubt On Progressive Car Insurance Company?

Progressive car insurance company is famous for its ability to provide low cost auto insurance. They often promote that they offer the consumers with the lower rates of auto insurance. It is really true that Progressive offers lower rates. However, in order to find out more if they offer the lowest rates for your auto insurance needs, simply visit their website. From their website, you can see what they can provide in details.

In fact , I also had a great experience with Progressive few years back while I was pretty shocked that it can could even insure both my old and car for almost the same quote that I paid before for my old cars.

By the way, my husband and I got a car accident in the early morning 2 years ago. After my husband dropped me off at work, he then drove to work and called progressive brokers for a claim in the afternoon. He gave them our information and a reported to them what had happened in the accident. The lady on the phone had promised that a local agent will try to contact us within few hours. However, my husband was able to receive their call within half and hour by the local agent. Also, they told my husband that they could reach the office of my husband within an hour. He arrived with his small progress truck and asked him some simple questions for around 10 minutes. He then told me to wait for taking photos for making a detailed car accident report and estimate.

About about half an hour later, the agent came to meet us to review the damage report in detail. There are many options available to me for several repair shops. We had chosen one of them and the agent then faxed the detailed accident report to that shop immediately which in turn, purchased some of the necessary auto parts. The thing that we felt so impressive is the agent printed out a check right there and gave that to us. He told us to wait for some time until the shop let us know when the parts were in. That was really awesome!

Not only did the agent get us the check and get our parts ordered the same day but he did it all from that little truck which was all finished online using his computer, fax. I really have no more but good things to talk about Progressive. They really make auto insurance process easy and quick. Luckily, Progressive car insurance company also makes shopping for auto insurance easy by providing the online quotes within minutes as well.

Rashme Wong is a successful Internet Marketer and publisher of Top Auto Insurance Providers. A website that specializes in providing auto insurance advice to include easy ways to get a better estimate from the Progressive Car Insurance Company that you can search and learn from the comfort of your home.

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