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Sony DSC H2 Review

The Sony DSC H2 is a super zoom digital camera. It has a twelve times optical zoom lens. This type of camera is often used for shooting sports action and taking photos of wildlife. It also comes with image stabilisation. This feature comes in useful on cameras with long zoom lenses especially when the light is getting low. It is a six megapixel model.

In terms of features the DSC H2 is similar to a more expensive SLR camera. Fully manual exposure is available as is aperture priority and shutter priority. These features coupled with the longer lens and extra weight of the camera means that the DSC H2 is likely to appeal more to someone who is looking for a more serious camera and sees photography as a hobby rather than someone who is looking for a simple point and shoot model. It is certainly likely to appeal to anyone who is starting out in photography but is unable to afford or justify a more expensive Digital SLR.

My test shots showed an impressive set of images. I found the DSC H2 handled both light and darker conditions well. It is important though not to get carried away with the capabilities of this or any other consumer level digital camera when shooting in lowlight. I was impressed by the sharp images the camera was able to produce. They were clearly above average when compared to other similar models.

All super zoom models have a tendency to suffer from purple fringing when the zoom lens is in use. This becomes increasingly noticeable as you increase the amount of zoom you are using. Purple fringing is where a thin purple line is added to the edge of light coloured objects in bright conditions. It can be removed by using an image manipulation package.

Despite the features it has I still found the DSC H2 to be relatively easy to use. Sony appears to have put plenty of time and effort into the design of this camera. To get the most out of the DSC H2 or any digital camera with this number of features you will need to spend time experimenting and getting to know your camera. Your efforts will be rewarded in time.

As with more or less all the super zoom digital cameras the Sony DSC H2 bears more than a slight resemblance to a traditional 35mm camera. Compared to other similar models it is of average size and weight. It feels good in the hand and I was able to take a good grip of the camera when taking a shot.

AA batteries are used to power the camera. Sony supplies a set of rechargeable batteries and a charger with the DSC H2 as standard. This is a decent little bonus in my eyes. Photos are stored on Memory Stick Duo cards. With memory built into the camera a memory card is not supplied with the camera. I was able to take thirteen shots before the memory was full. Therefore you will need to pick up a memory card to go with the camera.

Almost all of the major brands offer at least one super zoom digital camera to compete against the DSC H2. In my view there are few models around that beat it in terms of all round quality though. When it comes to price I think it offers good value for money.



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