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Microsoft Vista Launch In New Zealand Goes Home


Microsoft New Zealand is usingbrand new private residence and small business office" in a secret location overlooking Wellington harbour. They are also giving away free notebook computers to influential bloggers to help build enthusiasm for the official launch of Windows Vista next week.

Microsoft claims the launch kick off events series around Windows Vista and Office 2007 showcase an "unprecedented" range of technology, including a house-wide digital entertainment and home security system. Their aim is to demonstrate the practical impact of Vista on people's working and home lives.

Software sales in New Zealand are supplemented by instances where it is pre-installed on personal computers shipped to New Zealand by multinationals such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo.

Bloggers have been extremely vocal in their criticism of Windows Vista's power-hungry hardware requirements and are blase about its extra features. To help overcome this, Microsoft has given away Acer Ferrari 5000 notebook computers with Vista installed, valued at $3400 to $4800, to influential online commentators around the world, including New Zealander Mauricio Freitas, founder of online forum Geekzone.

Analysts believe Vista will require most personal computersto be replaced; requiring a minimum gigabyte of memory. I am sure that laptop and desktop PC companies are running their hands together, but I wouldn't bet the bank that corporates will be following the path any time soon. Many of the multi-media supporting features in Windows Vista do little to enhance the work productivity of standard corporate tasks.

According to Microsoft New Zealand software upgrades account for 12 per cent of the PC market. They expect this to be exceeded with Windows Vista.

To help communities get a grip of the expanded computing capabilities Windows Vista offers, Microsoft is investing heavily in its "Partners in Learning" programme to help teachers become more conversant with technologies used in businesses.

New Zealand, once a leading adopter of new technologies, has fallen into stagnant growth in recent years. Perhaps that's a signal to Microsoft that enough is enough and too much, well, it just isn't impressive.


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