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Places I Take My Dell Laptop

I take my Dell laptop everywhere. There are internet hotspots everywhere it seems. I like to get out of the house to work on my Dell laptop and I find the best places to go are the places with free Wi-Fi internet access.

A sure bet for internet access is Panera Bread. I take my Dell laptop with me every time that I go there. It is fun to sit and eat great food while I surf the internet.

There are several places in the Texas town that I live in that have free Wi-Fi internet access. I go to Dickeyís BBQ every Tuesday night for ribs. I make sure to take my Dell laptop with me every time. I get a lot of work on my email done while Iím eating some really tasty ribs.

Late at night, I like to go to Baskin Robbins. I take my Dell laptop with me so that I can use the instant messenger program to talk to my friends. It is fun to go and eat ice cream while I chat.

On Thursdays, Cellermanís Pub is the place to be. I meet up with other college students for a night out. Sometimes I bring my Dell laptop and sometimes I donít. It just really depends on who I think will be at the pub and what I have that is of pressing concern.

I have had a lot of fun taking my Dell laptop with me to places like The Zone McKinney. I try to get there on Wednesdays because they have $1 hot dogs and $5 laser tag. I made the mistake of showing up there once on a Saturday afternoon with my Dell laptop in tow to do some work and there were so many kids there playing it was a madhouse.

The most relaxing place in McKinney with free Wi-Fi internet access for my Dell laptop has got to be Streamers Coffee. I think that Streamers Coffee has the best baristas in the business and I donít mind driving for 45 minutes to get there.


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