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The Classic Car Insurance Dilemma and How to Easily Resolve It

As I'm sure you can expect classic car insurance is provided to consumers that own classic cars, vehicles and sometimes even exotic cars. Typically this insurance is provided to folks that only on rare occasions drive their limited edition automobiles or cars. It is not intended for normal or daily driving. There are many differences in this type of insurance and in many cases the insurance coverage will be different for each individual seeking to have their classic car insured. The biggest difference will be based on the amount of miles that the classic auto is driven.

Most insurance companies will allow consumers seeking to insure their classic car the opportunity to drive their vehicle around 5000 miles a year. This affords the classic car enthusiast the opportunity to take some pleasure drives and also to drive their car to any local car shows they may want to showcase their vehicle in. They don t allow normal daily driving for activities such as going to and from work, the store or school. In some cases they also won t allow people to drive their cars to have work performed on their vehicle. Naturally, if you're looking to insure your classic car then you will want to purchase the type of insurance that is best suited to your own unique needs and desires.

Classic car insurance carries some strict restrictions on how you store your classic or exotic automobile. Cars of this nature must be stored in a garage that completely surrounds the car and is always locked. Be careful if you are having any restoration work performed on your car. When your classic car is stored at the auto restore shop it is not normally covered under your classic auto insurance policy. Always read your contract carefully (especially any fine print) in order to see what exactly is and isn t covered under your classic car insurance plan.

There are several classic car insurance companies to choose from. In order to find the best provider of classic auto insurance you will need to be prepared to perform some minor research. Once you have found a classic car insurance provider expect that they will want to have your classic auto appraised in order to get an estimate of it's worth. This is especially important in the even that your vehicle or classic auto should be damaged or destroyed.

Finally, don t forget that in order to find the best classic car auto insurance policy you will need to be patient. After all, you want the best possible insurance coverage at the lowest possible price while still feeling that you have more then enough insurance for your classic car or auto.

Timothy Gorman is a successful Webmaster and publisher of Top Auto Insurance Providers. A website that specializes in providing auto insurance advice to include easy ways to find cheaper classic car auto insurance that you can research in your pajamas from the comfort of your own home.


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