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Online Auto Insurance Quotes: Things To Consider Before You Start

One of the best ways to know if you're getting a good car insurance quote is to compare it with other companies' quotes with the same policy features. More and more people are finding that online auto insurance quotes are a great way to do comparison shopping. Here are some tips to help make the process even easier.

One of the advantages of getting online auto insurance quotes is the fact that you can collect your thoughts in the privacy of your home or office before you talk to an insurance company representative. To get started, first review your current auto insurance policy and familiarize yourself with the features. What are the limits for property, bodily injury, uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist? What are the deductibles? Are you already paying for towing and rental care reimbursement? Do you have comprehensive coverage or just collision?

Then decide if you still want those same features. Write down any changes. For example, you may have had comprehensive coverage on a car when it was newer with a $250 deductible. Now you may want to raise that deductible as your car's value has depreciated.

Next, gather information about your cars and the people who drive them. The information most commonly asked when your getting a quote online or over the phone is:

  1. Drivers license and Social Security Numbers for each driver.
  2. Year, make and model of each vehicle to be insured.
  3. The average mileage driven each day and whether it's used for work or pleasure.
  4. Safety features like Anti-lock Brakes (ABS), alarms and air bags for each vehicle.

Now you're ready to get quotes online quickly. Some places will automatically generate a quote and some may have an agent contact you. Having an agent contact you is not a bad thing: An agent can often show you additional ways you can save on your car insurance -- especially if they are in your local area -- and since you've already given them your information you won't have to be on the phone long.

Rates can vary quite a bit between auto insurance companies, so it's a good idea to get at least three quotes from different sources. Then write down each quote on the same sheet of paper, and include comments about the company that provides the quote. This is important because cheap car insurance, doesn't always mean a good value. Financial stability, fast claims service and good customer service will give you greater peace of mind.

Once you've found a quote you're happy with, think about it a couple of days and make sure you're getting the right insurance coverage for your situation. If you're dealing with an agent or representative ask questions. If you're getting an online quote from a direct insurer, check out their Web site and see if there's a customer service contact that can help you answer any questions.

Scott Lunt is a freelance writer with over 15 years experience writing insurance-related articles. You can compare car insurance quotes and find more tips on saving on car, home, life, health and long-term care insurance at LowerYourInsurance.com. The site also features a handy car insurance quote comparison sheet.


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